Some my be wondering why the Suskie Bassmasters page no longer appears on this domain.  It is because they don't own the domain name(s).   They only owned the hosting site.   There are a few members of the board who are walking a fine line of using Suskie for their own personal gain.  They use Suskie to garner "sponsorships" for themselves and want to run the club as their own private club.  Take a look at the average number of anglers showing up for Wednesday night tournaments compared to 5 or 6 years ago.  Also look at the number of members from year to year.  There was a time when the membership was up to around 110 members per year. (Before the Kayakers).

     Now that the President of SuskieBassmasters has resigned there is a procedure in the bylaws as adopted by the board in November of 2013 to replace the board member and then elect a new President.  THE VICE PRESIDENT DOES NOT JUST ASSUME THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT

Article IV Section 9 describes the procedure as follows:

The Vice President will nominate a new member to the board of directors.  The board must then confirm the nomination with a simple majority vote.  Once the board position is filled then any member of the 7 member board can then nominate any of the 7 members for the position of President.  Once the nominations for President are made then each board member will cast one closed ballot vote for one of the board members that was nominated for the position of President.   The secretary/treasurer will collect and count the ballots and give them to the VP who will announce the new President. 

Elections were also inserted into the new bylaws.   The first elections will be held in October of 2014.  The board was split into two groups for purposes of elections.  The first group consists of the President, Secretary/Treasurer, and one board member, (the most senior).  That means in October the new president, along with Lynda Rosencrans, and Chuck Saypack are up for election..   Nominations of candidates MUST be made in writing to the the President or vice President by September 1st to be place on the ballot. 

All eligible members then will vote for the new board nominees at the October meeting. 

Board members serve 2 year terms. Board members elected in October 2014 would serve for 2015 and 16 and would have to face elections again in October 2016. 

The second set of board members: the Vice President and the remaining three board members will face their first election in October of 2015. 

Splitting the board ensures continuity on the board so there will always be some experienced members on the board.